IGas Energy plc Annual report and accounts

2013/14 Summary

We are committed to delivering both existing and potential hydrocarbons across the country in partnership with local communities, as we work together to unlock what could be a strategically important resource for Britain.

Andrew Austin
Chief Executive Officer

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Game Changer for Britain

Energy is the foundation of our economy: from heating our homes, hospitals and
schools to manufacturing and agriculture, energy is a vital part of our daily lives.
At IGas we are at the heart of diversifying Britain’s energy mix and reducing our
reliance on imported oil and gas, as North Sea production continues to decline.
  • Our business model
  • Britain’s current challenges
  • Key benefits for Britain
  • The shale gas revolution… can be very consistent with low-carbon development… Gas can be very helpful as a bridge technology.

    Ottmar Edenhofer, co-chairman of the IPCC report and professor of climate change economics at the Technical University Berlin.

    Business model

How we plan to deliver

Our strategy is aimed at building a material
onshore energy company in Britain in collaboration with the communities in which we operate.
We believe that supporting and sustaining these communities is fundamental to delivering more domestic production. The Company is focused in three areas (shown to the left).

We have a top-quality management team with the operational and technical capability to deliver our strategy.

Our Values

We are fully committed to preserving the environment and providing safe and healthy working conditions.

The public, and our neighbours in particular, may have questions about how our activities affect their environment and we are committed to answering those questions. We operate in many sensitive areas and are committed to preserving our landscapes and to working closely with planning and all other statutory authorities and local people to minimise the environmental impact of our operations.

Most of all, we are committed to consultation with our neighbours and interested parties.

Corporate social responsibility